Everyday Cinematic
Everyday Cinematic
Kenko Black Mist PROTECTOR is a filter with a Black Mist effect that equals to 1/4 of the Kenko Black Mist No.1 filter diffusing effect. It can be used as a common protector that performs a bit of cinematic effect.
What is Black Mist?

Black Mist filter is an optical glass soft filter infused with fine black diffusing particles. It suppresses contrast of highlight and shadow areas allowing to capture that cinematic effect photographers and videographers are seeking for.

Without requiring a retouch process, you can create movie-like images with the Kenko Black Mist PROTECTOR.

Black Mist No.1 1/4 soft effect

The Kenko Black Mist PROTECTOR performs a diffusing effect equals to 1/4 of the Kenko Black Mist No.1 or 1/2 of the Kenko Black Mist No.05.

In backlit conditions or with the strong light source scenes slight softening effect can also be achieved. Suggested for videographers and cinematographers as well.
Unique light blurring makes night scenes cinematic
When shooting night scenes, Black Mist's unique light diffusion effect makes light sources slightly blur, creating a cinematic atmosphere. Even when a strong light source enters the picture, the effect is more subdued than with Black Mist No.1 or No.05. Effective for light sources such as streetlights, car headlights, illuminations, and interior lighting.
Making backlighting even more dramatic
When shooting with backlighting, the contrast between the highlight and shadow areas is slightly weakened while the light is softly and discreetly blurred, making backlit scenes even more dramatic. It impressively renders low morning and evening sunlight, light shining into a room, sunlight filtering through trees, and light reflected off water surfaces, glass, and other surfaces.
As a lens protection filter
The lens protection filter has a water and oil repellent coating that repels water droplets and dirt, and a multi-coating that suppresses flare and ghosting when the filter is attached, so that it can be "left on" like a lens protection filter. The prestigious "Black Mist PROTECTOR" logo, based on the "TRAJAN" font that has been most commonly used in movie titles since around 1990, will deepen your attachment to your equipment every time you see it.
Multi-coated glass to suppress ghosts and flares in the image.
Water & oil-repellent properties for better maintenance.
Low-profile frame to use with wide angle lenses.
The importance of the PROTECTOR filter
The main reason why a lens protection filter is necessary is to prevent "impact", "dirt", and "scratches" on the lens. If the lens is exposed, you may unexpectedly bump and scratch it. If the lens is scratched, it will cost a lot of money for repair, but if a protective filter is installed, it is only necessary to replace the filter. Also, while shooting, the lens will get various contaminants such as fingerprints, water droplets, dust, and sand, but if a protective filter is attached, the lens will stay clean for a long time. If you wipe the lens every time you use the camera, scratches will accumulate on the lens. With a lens protection filter, you can prevent scratches caused by cleaning the lens.

Protects from impact

Protects from dirt

Protects from wiping scratches

Comparison with Black Mist No.05 and No.1

Black Mist PROTECTOR has a softening effect equivalent to 1/4 of Black Mist No.1 and 1/2 of Black Mist No.05. It is recommended to leave Black Mist PROTECTOR on normally and replace it with "Black Mist No.05" or "Black Mist No.1" when you want a stronger effect.

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