Beyond Vision, into Art
We believe that taking photographs and videos is more than merely recording, and that there is great value in the way they are expressed and enjoyed.

We want to create a future in which more people can find enjoyment and a sense of fulfillment through the experience of photography.

To bring about such a future, we offer high-quality optical filters that combine more than 60 years of optical design expertise. They add rich expressiveness to photographs and video, and expand creative possibilities.

Our filters are supported by many users thanks to the quality and reliable after-sales support system that we have been committed to since our establishment.
Kenko Filters Transforming Photography & Videography
Exquisite Craftsmanship:
Where Simplicity Evokes Timeless Beauty
Handcrafted Excellence: Artistry Without Mechanization
In line with the value of "pursuing quality over quantity" that we have held to since our founding in 1957, many of our filter manufacturing processes are performed by hand rather than being left completely to machines. In optical filters, which require precise adjustment, we believe it is important to produce each filter with care.
Legacy in Craftsmanship: A Timeless Generational Heritage
During the glass polishing process, which is at the heart of lens filter creation, we adjust the thickness and flatness of the glass on the order of microns. Our craftsmen and women slowly and meticulously polish the glass to achieve the most precise adjustments. This process is the legacy of the dedication, conviction, and technical know-how of successive generations of engineers who have built the foundation of Kenko Filters since its inception.
Timeless Quality: Crafting Products for Lifelong Reliability
We make a conscious effort to manufacture products that users can use with peace of mind for a long time. When commercializing a new filter, the filter development team conducts field tests and exchanges opinions. Then multiple prototypes are repeatedly created until all members are satisfied with the filter. We are committed to creating filters that customers can use with confidence.
Nagano's Artistry: Where Excellence is Crafted
Kenko filters are manufactured amidst the rich natural environment of the Suwa region of Nagano Prefecture, also known as the "Switzerland of the East". This blessed land provides us with the cool clear water and clean air of the Japanese Alps, which is absent of impurities, enabling us to produce optical products of even higher quality.
Filters for All: Tailored Solutions, Affordable Excellence by Kenko
Based on our desire to "encourage more people to use filters", we offer a lineup of filters in a wide array of price ranges, tailored to everyone from professionals to beginners who have just started taking pictures. We are developing our products to meet the needs of as many camera users as possible.