Extension Tube Set DG for Sony E (Full Frame mirrorless)

Set of 2 extension tubes to enjoy macro photography with your standard lens.
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Kenko Extension Tube DG is an element without any optics. It's purpose is to move lens further from the the image sensor. The further the distance - the bigger the magnification becomes. Macro lenses are usually more expensive than standard lenses. Kenko Extension Tubes are an attractive way to convert your standard lens into macro lens.


Kenko Extension Tubes are precisely made in Japan in order to guarantee the best quality and long life of the product. Simple construction matches APC-S size and Full Frame E-mount Sony cameras.

By attaching it between the camera and the lens, Extension Tube will change your lens into macro lens without large investments in additional optical equipment. You will get close up images, those ones you can not shoot with standard lens only.


The wider the ring, the shorter the focus distance to the object. That is why Kenko Extension Tube Set comes with 10mm and 16mm tube rings.

etubes_sonyff_4Kenko Extension Tubes for Full Frame Sony E-mount mirrorless cameras have electronic contacts to provide Auto Focus and EXIF data corresponding between camera and lenses.

Kenko adopted electrostatic flocking finish on the inner surface of the extension ring - the most effective technology ever known to minimize internal reflections, romping light rays and flares. Kenko electrostatic flocking is a mass of short (0.3-0.5mm) synthetic fibers that are adhered by static electricity on the fabric and reinforced by coating that prevents fibers from falling out.



etubes_sonyff_7_flare Extension tubes without any or poor protection from reflected or romping light. These raus occasionally entering inside may cause ghosts and flares on the image.
etubes_sonyff_7_noflare With interior electrostatic flocking finish the chance for unwanted light to appear in the image can be reduced to the absolute minimum.


  • Use the ring the width of which does not exceed focal length of the lens used. If the width of the ring exceeds the focal length of the lens used, it will be impossible to focus on the object.
  • Due to the extremely shallow depth of field, it is recommended to use manual focus.
  • We therefore advise against using the two tubes together.




When using the 2 rings(10mm and 16mm) of this extension tube combined together on Sony G MASTER lenses or on Sony G lenses, due to a voltage drop, the camera may not recognize the lens and fail to shoot. For this reason, please refrain from using the two rings together with the below lens models.

Sony G MASTER lenses: SEL2470GM, SEL70200GM, SEL8514GM, SEL100F28GM
Sony G lenses: SELP28135G, SELP18110G, SEL70200G, SEL100400GM, SEL200600G

However, no issues occur when using the 10mm or 16mm separately.

General Info
Extension Tubes
Kenko Extension Tube Set DG for Sony E (Full Frame mirrorless)
Sony E
Main Characteristics
Supported Sensor Size
APS-C, Full Frame
TTL Metering
Diaphragm Coupling
Fully Automatic
Length of Tubes, mm
10, 16
Shooting macro with Kenko Extension Tubes
Affordable macro photography: Kenko Extension Tubes review
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