Sharyn Hodges

Landscape, Long Exposure

Hi there, I am Sharyn.

I am all about adventure wedding & elopement photography emphasized on grand adventure and epic landscapes. Putting people in the most magnificent backdrops, my photography style can be described as adventurous, unobtrusive and centered around telling an authentic story through photographs that are filled with emotion and beauty.

I am inspired by our dramatic and rugged coastlines, windy mountains tops, mystical forests and forever chasing that golden sun. I am not your average photographer, to be honest in this Instagram & VSCO age, everyone and their mum and uncle is an adventure photographer, wedding photographer and family photographer, but what separates me from them is, I actually live it out. Often I will be out on my most beloved Robberg Nature Reserve, hiking at some ungodly hour to catch the sunrise or hiking back in the dark because I wanted to capture the sunset in a new location. Often I will go out just to find a new location. Feel the sea temperature, finding hidden rock pools and imagining a photograph before it's even happened.

I fell in love with being outdoors before I fell in love with photography.

That all being said and done, I absolutely love photographing weddings. One of my favorite things is the connection with my couples and understanding how their love started. I get to share one of their most exciting moments in their life and relationship. I love working with couples who share an appreciation for beautiful landscapes, not afraid to hike up a mountain, stand on the edge of a cliff, explore the deep forests or enjoy the tranquility of a secluded beach.

The best way to serve my couples is to go beyond the beautiful photographs, I want to give them an experience. I believe I have extensive location knowledge and expert level outdoor wedding photography skills. I bring a calming influence to the day (even though I might be freaking inside, you won't know about it), reassuring and hilarious, I like to think that after an hour you forget that I am even there.

So what am I doing if I am not hiking up a mountain, finding pansy shells on the beach with my two best friends Dani & Bear (the best dogs ever!) or travelling, well you can find me at my favorite local cafe drinking an almond milk cappuccino with a few mates or hovering a really good cheesecake!

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