Where can I purchase Kenko products?

Please refer to our Distributors List below and directly contact our global partner closest to you.

How can I check Kenko Telephoto Converter's compatibility with my lenses and cameras?

Please go to the following link and check compatibility with our Compatibility Table.

Are Kenko Tele-Converters compatible with SIGMA, TAMRON, SONY and other manufacturer lenses?

We guarantee compatibility only with genuine Nikon, Canon or Tokina lenses. With other manufacturers' camera and lenses, such as with Tamron, Sigma, etc., we cannot guarantee 100% correct operations of all functions.

I have a NIKON/CANON camera/lens, but it is not listed in your Compatibility Table. Is it compatible with Kenko Tele-Converters?

In this case, please directly contact our customer service.

I would like to learn about the difference between Kenko Telephoto converter series.

The main series we offer are Teleplus PRO 300 DGX series and Teleplus HD DGX series.

  1. Teleplus PRO 300 DGX series is a premium series of teleconverters designed to fit high resolution cameras and lenses. The optical construction is tuned to perform best results when used with Tele lenses whose focal length is 300mm or longer.
  2. Teleplus HD series is a standard series of teleconverters designed to fit high resolution digital cameras and lenses. The optical construction is tuned to perform best results when used with lenses whose focal length is from 50mm and over.
I found that the product I purchased does not work well and I need it to be repaired. Can you directly support about returns and repairs from overseas?

Please directly contact the shop you purchased your item in or our official distributor.

I live in Japan. Can you repair my items?
  1. If you speak and understand Japanese, please call our service center for contacts, repair terms and conditions (Japanese only): http://www.kenko-tokina.co.jp/address.html
  2. If you don't speak Japanese, please contact us. We will help you to go through the necessary procedure. http://www.kenkoglobal.com/support/contact.html
I bought one of your products but there is no English instruction manual.

Please directly contact the shop you bought the product in.

If the product is officially distributed, the English manual must be included in the package.

I purchased one of your items on Internet (ebay, etc.), but I'm afraid it's not a Kenko original product.

A lot of fake products are available on the market nowadays.

We will make everything possible to help you, but being distantly away we may not always be able to determine whether an item is official or not.

Please keep it in mind and be careful when you choose the retailer you will purchase your item from.

I want to purchase this product, but it seems it's not available in my country.

First of all, please contact our official distributor in your country to check availability and "where to buy" information. If the product you want to purchase is not available, please write us at the following address: http://www.kenkoglobal.com/support/contact.html

My item is broken but I know how to fix it so I just need some spare parts...

We do not provide spare parts to costumers.

We do not suggest repairs at home or without using repairs facilities.

Please consult our official distributors to check the closest official repair centre.

Also be aware that, in most of the cases, the damaged part cannot be simply substituted (ex. built-in parts), so that proper repairs will be necessary.

I want to buy a Kenko filter, but I don't know which size will fit my lens.

Please consult your lens' technical specification chart, usually provided in your lens' instruction manual or manufacturer web site.

Alternatively, check the inner side of your lens' front cap.

Do Kenko Real Pro Clip lenses fit to smart phones with cases?

Kenko Real Pro Clip lenses are designed to fit up to 30mm wide smart phone or devices, but have been developed to be applied directly to their plain surfaces, for optimal steadiness and best performances. Therefore, we do not suggest their usage on smart phone covers and the like.

Are Kenko AI Flash AB600-R and WTR-1 Transceiver compatible with my Nikon/Canon camera model?

Please download the dedicated compatibility chart from the top of the product page.