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If you are reading this message, we suppose you are visiting this page to consider using Kenko Teleplus DGX tele converter in your activities as a photographer. Let us remind you that tele converter placed between the camera body and lens contains a set of optics that will effectively increase the focal length of any lens with which it is used. For example, tele converter with magnification 2x will multiply the focal length of your lens by two, turning a 200mm lens into an equivalent of 400mm. It is very convenient advantage for a photographer, who does not have enough budget to buy expensive tele lenses.

But one must also know that tele converter shallows depth of field and makes your optical system darker increasing the aperture equivalent value. That means depending on shooting conditions the AF system may not work well and the accuracy of the AF cannot be guaranteed. The same can be said about cameras with F8 AF sensor.

It will be greatly appreciated if the above advantage and disadvantage of the tele converter is well understood before making a decision.



Some combinations between camera and lens models with Teleplus models that are not currently listed in the Compatibility Check Portal have been recently tested. For further reference, please consult the documents below:

For Canon newly tested camera/lens/teleplus combinations
For Nikon newly tested camera/lens/teleplus combinations

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Better to know:

Camera and lens manufactures that are not in the check list or any discontinued product are not guaranteed to work properly with Kenko Teleplus DGX tele converters.

Tele converter is designed to be used with tele and super tele lenses. It is not recommended to use it with lenses with focal length from 50mm and shorter. It may affect the quality of the image.

The exposure correction may be required depending on the lens and camera combination in use.

Avoid using two tele converters on one lens. It may cause problems with the image quality.

Based on specifications of the camera body in use, the actual focal length and aperture will be calculated in an approximate way. Therefore, the EXIF data recorded with the image may not display the accurate values.

Keep camera and lens stabilized when using tele converter. Use of a tripod is highly recommended.

Tele converter tends to speed down the electric signals from the lens towards the camera. Sudden shot when camera is in power save mode will cause image quality problems. To catch the precious moment turn "Power Saving" mode off before taking a shot.