AI Flash AB600-R

An electronic flash with Auto Bounce and Angle Lock functions.
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The Kenko AI Flash AB600-R is designed as a shooting tool to help the photographers to step up to another level of photography and to reassure them with the confidence of handling the light in their own, unique and efficient way. In portraits, where the lighting control is quite important, there are 3 main techniques that are frequently practiced by photographers: bounce, off-camera and multiple flash shooting. All three techniques require rich experience and intuition. The Kenko AI Flash AB600-R incorporates Auto Bounce function that will take over the most difficult part in the shooting process - bounce, make it automatic, and let the photographer achieve the best effective results in the most efficient way while focusing on the artistic part of the process.

The Kenko AI Flash AB600-R will be helpful for advanced amateur photographers who want to start using flash but feel unconfident in their abilities to handle the light in a right way, and professional photographers who intend to improve their workflow in more rational and efficient way.

What is bounce

Bounce is one of the flash shooting techniques, which is well practiced in portrait photography to achieve natural looking portrait in terms of the balance between light and shadows. Commonly, it is a light from the flash that is bounced of another surface like wall or ceiling before it gets to the object. This technique requires certain knowledge, experience and intuition, that might be a weak point of the majority of the photographers.

Without flash On-camera direct flash Bounce flash (ceiling)
ab600r_wo_flash_x600 ab600r_direct_flash_x600 ab600r_seiling_bounce_x600

The lighting seems natural, but due to the shadow on the right side of the face and the wall this image looks unprofessional.

The shadows disappeared, but that created a flat looking face with glistening areas.

The overall lighting is good, and thanks to the soft shadows the face of the model looks natural and volumetric.

Main features

3D Auto Bounce function

The auto bounce function of the Kenko AI Flash AB600-R is aimed to automatically calculate the most appropriate angle of light bounce from the wall (left and right side) or the celling. With the help of auto bounce function, the photographer will accomplish successful shot with just only one single shutter release, without wasting time on thinking and testing the optimal light path during the photo session. This function will be quite useful for wedding or hard schedule people portrait shooting sessions, when the photographer has no right for the failure.

Auto Lock function

Angle lock will allow the photographer to adjust the desired bounce angle based on automatically calculated one in manual mode and let the system remember this angle in case the camera position is changed from horizontal to vertical position. That will allow the photographer focus on the artistic part of the process like interaction with the model or her expressions, thus cutting the whole process towards the ideal shot in the most shortest way.

Max. guide number 60 (at 200mm, ISO100)

With the max. guide number 60 the Kenko AI Flash AB600-R can deal with wide range of scenes and situations.

Master to slave flash angle remote control

With in-built radio transmitting and receiving unit master flash can control the heading angle of the slave flash remotely.

Optical and radio (2.4GHz) wireless control

For off-camera and multiple flash shooting. Synchronizing terminal is also supported.

Auto and manual zoom adjustment

Covers light emitting angle equal to the 18-200mm range (18mm - when used with the wide panel).

External power supply

BP-1 battery pack (optional) will support long shooting session with the stable power supply.

AI abbreviation stands for Advanced Intelligence.

General Info
Kenko AI Flash AB600-R
Main Characteristics
Guide Number
Max. 60 (at 200mm, ISO100), 29 (at 35mm, ISO100), 19 (at 18mm, ISO100)
Zoom Range
20-200mm (18mm when using the wide panel)
Flash Mode
i-TTL-BL / i-TTL / M (manual) / RPT (multiple light emission)
Light Emission Frequency
Light Emission Test Function
Horizontally -180~180° / Vertically 0-120°
Wireless Communication System
Optical/radio wave (2.4GHz)
Supported Sync Mode
1st/2nd curtain sync, high-speed sync
Bounce Mode
Auto bounce / Manual bounce (both with angle lock function)
External Connection Terminal
Micro USB terminal (for firmware updates) / Sync terminal / External power supply terminal
Modulation Correction
-3.0~+3.0 1/3 EV step (TTL)
Emitted Light Quantity
1/1~1/128 1/3 EV steps (manual)
Temperature Warning Function
AF Light Assist
29 point AF
Recycling Time
Approximately 0.1-3.5 sec (the value refers to nickel hydride batteries)
Additional Info
4x AA type (alkaline / nickel hydride)
Battery Life
More than 180 charging times (the value refers to alkaline dry batteries)
Measurements (WxHxD), mm
Weight, g
470 (without batteries)
- Soft case
- Quick start guide
Kenko AI Flash AB600-R for Nikon review
Kenko professional electronic flash with auto bounce function AB600-R
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