CP+ 2019 @ Yokohama, Japan - Kenko Tokina photo report

Mar 18, 2019

CP+ is the biggest photo and imaging show in Asia, a comprehensive exhibition that pursues to push for evolution in all aspects (technology, culture and industry) of camera and photo imaging.

Every year, CP+ collaborates with the International city of Yokohama to give a mutual contribution to the development of the photo imaging culture and evolution.

For this 2019 edition, the exhibition was held in Yokohama (Japan) at Pacifico Yokomaha Exhibition Center, from the 28th of February to the 3rd of March.

As for all previous editions, this year as well Kenko Tokina Co., Ltd. took part in the exhibition. Thanks to all those who stepped by our booth and, for those who haven't had the chance, we hope you will enjoy a peek into the latest news from Kenko brand, along with Kenko Tokina most popular products.

We hope to meet you and see you again next year! Meanwhile, please enjoy reading this photo report!

Kenko Tokina Booth Overview


Kenko very new products

Kenko AI Flash AB600-R

Let's start with a great new product we cannot help but feel proud of. Kenko AI Flash AB600-R is the first Advanced Intelligence flash on the market with both automatic ceiling bounce and wall bounce functions, and with a master/slave remote control system that can make use of different units at the same time.

Kenko Filters corners

Speaking of new products, Kenko filters corners displayed plenty of it, like the three new Kenko Advanced Drone IRND Filter Kits compatible with DJI OSMO Pocket, DJI Mavic 2 PRO and Zoom drone series.And speaking of ND filters, Kenko Filters corner presented the 2.0 version of its famous Variable NDX filter.Kenko Variable NDX II is the ultimate variable ND filter that allows changing the density value by smoothly rotating the filter's ring.The corner also displayed Kenko PRO ND 16 professional filters, available in 3 large sizes (86mm, 95mm, 105mm).Good news also for both filters and astrophotography lovers.Kenko STARRY NIGHT is a new series of filters, available in the most used sizes, specifically dedicated to cut off light pollution from the cities on the horizontal line and preserve all the beauty of a starry night in your astro shots.STARRY NIGHT series will be joined soon by another fundamental filter for the perfect starry-night shot: Kenko HALF PRO SOFTON A is a half-soft / half-clear rectangular filter that will allow you to soften only the sky in your frame, while leaving the landscape on the horizontal line unaffected.Check also the new Kenko One Touch, a new bayonet-type system of adapter and filter combination to attach, detach or reattach the filter you need in one second.Featuring the filter starter pack for all photographers, that is ND, C-PL and PROTECTOR, this series makes then possible to switch immediately to the filter your shooting scene requires, with one, single touch.

Kenko Telepluses, Extension Tubes and Adapters corner

A new and coming soon product showcased in this corner is Kenko Digital Auto Extension Tube Set for the latest Nikon Z mount and Canon RF mount.

Along with these new entries, the corner also showcased the Kenko's most popular tele converters, extension tubes and adapters.

Kenko TeleplusesKenko Extension TubesKenko Mount Adapters

Kenko Monoculars & Binoculars corners

Kenko Galleryeye, Kenko's most elegant monoculars deserved a corner under the spotlights, where you could experience their magnifying power and outstanding portability, especially suited for galleries and museums.Kenko Galleryeye 4x12 and 6x16Kenko Galleryeyes monoculars are going to be joined soon by a dedicated C-PL filter, for a view free from light reflections, and a 4x multiplier, to zoom 4x further on your watching scene.Kenko Galleryeyes monoculars are going to be joined soon by a dedicated C-PL filter, for a view free from light reflections, and a 4x multiplier, to zoom 4x further on your watching scene.Along with monoculars, we also showcased a wide range of the our most popular Kenko binoculars series.Kenko VcSmart seriesKenko MIYABI seriesKenko Laser Range Finder 600 A

Mobile Accessories corner

Some of Kenko's best-selling products are to be found in the rich line-up of mobile accessories from this brand. In the dedicated corner you could find three series of clip-on lenses that aim to be your best alley for your SNS posting and sharing activities, high quality snaps and high resolution videos with your mobile.

Kenko SNS Master new entry series features three clip-on conversion lenses: the Wide/Macro type, perfect to fit all your friends in one frame or close up on small details; the TELE 2x type, perfect to zoom 2x closer on your favorite idol, etc.; and the C-PL Filter type, to cut off those unwanted light reflections on your shots.Kenko REAL PRO Cinematic 4K HD premium series features a Tele 2x and Wide 0.6x conversion lenses for smartphone videography in 4K resolution.Kenko REAL PRO Clip Lens standard series, featuring a wide range of conversion lenses to perform different photographic genres directly from your smartphone.Kenko REAL PRO Double Super Lens KitAlso, stay tuned for this coming soon new 8x Tele Clip Lens!

Kenko Filters corners

We couldn't but dedicate several corners of our booth to a wide range of filters.

Colored filtersSpecial effect filtersND filtersC-PL filtersPROTECTOR filters

Kenko Telescopes and Trackers

At the Telescopes and Trackers corner, you could find both all a beginner and more advanced astro observers and shooters may need, from telescopes to tracking platforms.

Kenko New Sky Explorer series is our ultimate recommended choice for those who are already into astronomy and need a high quality, reliable telescope.Kenko Sky Explorer series, on the other hand, features beginner-friendly telescope models so compact and easy to be carried you could use them out on the fields or comfortably on your veranda.Their automatic tracking system will spot the celestial body you are looking for and keep its position on it so you won't loose sight of it. Also, some models comes with a smartphone mounting attachment that will allow you to take shots of those amazing stars, nebulae, constellations that awes you.

Even more portable (they can stay in your hand!) star-tracking devices are:

Kenko SKYMEMO S, a high precision, portable and stable tracking platform for astronomical shooting.And SKYMEMO T.SKYMEMO T is an ultra-lightweight portable tracking platforms that can be controlled with the dedicated app directly from your smartphone.

Kenko Mirror Lenses corner

Kenko is also about mirror lenses, extremely, compact and lightweight lenses perfect fort those who prefer shooting on acting scenes and have some sub super telephoto lenses together with their prime lenses. Along with its well known Kenko MIL TOL Mirror 400mm F8, in this corner you could find the latest Kenko Mirror Lens 400mm F8 N II, compatible with full frame cameras of several mounts (Nikon F, Nikon 1, Canon EF, Canon M, SONY A, SONY E, PENTAX K, FUJIFILM X, M 4/3).

Kenko Magnifying Tools corner

An evergreen in our booth is the corner dedicated to Kenko magnifying tools.Also, the new UI LOUPE series of convenient and elegant magnifying eyeglasses stood out among Kenko versatile magnifying glasses and loupes.

Kenko Color and Flash meters corner

We know exposure, light and color temperature are among the most important factors to consider in photography. In this corner, we therefore displayed our selection of Kenko Color and Flash Meters.Also check out this prototype of a new spectrometer!

Kenko Bags corner

A colorful line-up of our best camera bags was presented in here to offer you a wide range of options to choose from and meet exactly your needs when it comes to safely carrying your photographic equipment.Shoulder bags | Lecce modelsShoulder bags | Cofanetto modelsTote bags | Alezzo modelsTote bags | Interceptor modelsSling bags | Alezzo modelsBackpacks | Fontana modelsBackpacks | Sanctuary models

Kenko Accessories corner

Cleaning and protecting your photographic gears is important as well. That's why we dedicated this corner to the most convenient cleaning products and screen protectors.

Kenko Cleaning Kit PRO 5Kenko GEKIOCHI camera lens cleanerEscorte – Camera screen protectorKarites – Premium Camera Monitor Glass Protector


Kenko Tokina booth also aimed to directly support customers and photographers with seminars focused on providing information, explanations, tips etc, on products and shooting techniques.

Photographer Kazuyuki Hagiwara explaining his shooting experience with AI Flash AB600-R.

International Filter Photo Contest.

Last, but not least, the winner works of the International Filter Photo Contest (IFPC) 2018 were also exhibited in a dedicated corner.

Other brand products

Tokina lenses corner

SLIK tripods corner

Cokin filters corner

That's all for this CP+2019 edition, but we look forward to meeting you again next year!

About Kenko

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