Kenko SKYMEMO S Portable Tracking Platform

SKYMEMO S Portable Tracking Platform

High precision, portable and stable tracking platform for astronomical shootings.
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Instruction Manual   PDF, 24.38 Mb

Built-in polar axis

One of the most important things in tracking platforms for astrophotography is the polar axis setting.

With Kenko SKYMEMO S accurate polar axis alignments are always possible, and are further supported by a polar scope illuminator device.


Choose your tracking mode!

Kenko SKYMEMO S is equipped with a total of 8 tracking modes, including not only the Fixed Star tracking mode, but also a Sun and Moon tracking modes. Therefore it shows its full potential in all the fields of astrophotography, as you can also shoot at celestial objects, like the Sun or the Moon, other than fixed stars.

By rotating the dial, you can easily select the tracking mode you would like to use.

Fixed Star tracking mode


This mode is particularly suitable for astrophotography. By rotating the dial on the ☆ symbol, the tracking system starts working according to the diurnal motion of the stars and, by doing so, it can keep tracking the same star. Also, when shooting in this modality, the stars become an image point. Fixed Star tracking mode is therefore particularly recommended if you want to shoot at celestial bodies such as dark stars and nebulae.

"Centaurus" (at the lower central part of the picture) and "Crux" (at the top central) constellations | Kenko SKYMEMO S Portable Tracking Platform ("Star" mode) | Photographer: Collins Ryàn

Sun and Moon tracking modes


Compared to fixed stars, the Sun and the Moon have completely different moving speeds and diurnal motions that, as a concequence, necessitate different tracking modalities. Kenko SKYMEMO S has therefore been equipped with specific tracking modalities for the Sun and the Moon respectively, and you can choose the one you need by simply rotating the dial on the ☼ or ☾ corresponding icon.

0.5x speed tracking mode


Kenko SKYMEMO S is also equipped with a 0.5x speed tracking mode that will support your star-scape photography by allowing you to include in the same frame both the scenery on the horizon line and the starry sky above.

This 0.5x speed tracking mode also facilitates steady and slow motions, and with a short exposure, you can freeze and immortalize the starry sky right over your favorite scenery. All this features make the 0.5x speed tracking mode mostly suitable for star-scape photography.

0.5x speed tracking mode at f/3.5, ISO2500, 45 sec.

2x, 6x or 12x speed tracking modes


Other tracking speeds

By rotating the dial on 2x, 6x or 12x respectively you can speed up the way you can shoot the stars' diurnal motion. These modes are particularly convenient for interval time shootings.

OFF mode


Last but not least, the OFF mode turns off the power once you are done with your tracking. But that's not all. In OFF mode you can shoot still images in which the stars will appear in an arch line having the Polaris as its center.

Built-in interval timer shooting function

Interval timer shooting is a shooting method that makes it possible to take pictures automatically at set shooting intervals. Kenko SKYMEMO S is equipped with an interval timer shooting function so that, by connecting its shutter control port to your camera's external shutter control port with an optional shutter control cable, you can set shooting intervals to take pictures automatically. Interval shootings can be also performed while tracking.

Moreover, when combining time-lapse shooting and astrophotography, it is fundamental to know beforehand where the celestial subject you want to shoot is and how it moves. For this reason, each tracking mode of Kenko SKYMEMO S corresponds to time lapse values preset according to the subject or the speed you want to shoot at, and you can easily check it by consulting the instruction manual (hyper link) or the following chart:


The result is a very convenient way to get all the shots you need in your time-lapse shootings so you catch all the beauty of a star-scape.


AA type alkaline batteries for power supply

Kenko SKYMEMO S makes use of 4 AA alkaline batteries (not included) for power supply. It can be used continuously for about 72 hours.

* With temperature at 20 degrees, sidereal time drive system, alkaline dry battery and standard use.

Extendable with accessories

Kenko always pursue to meet all the needs a photographer may have during his or her shooting section. For this reason, SKYMEMO S has first of all been provided with a portable body so compact that can easily fit in a backpack or a camera bag. Despite its compactness, it has also been provided with plenty of options to be extendable with a full range of accessories.

Have a look at the following charts to find the combination that better suits your needs.

System chart


Combination options


Optional accessories

Despite its compactness, you can expand Kenko SKYMEMO S with a lot of accessories support your needs and shooting situations.

Among its products Kenko also offers the following accessories, which are fundamental to complete your equipment for astrophotography.


A fine-tuning mounting assembly is an extremely versatile and useful tool to have among your equipment, as it allows you to mount and use two cameras at the same time.

Being compatible with Skymemo S portable tracking platform and equatorial wedge, this fine-tuning mounting assembly in particular allows you to also mount any telescope with a 1/3” thread screw on Skymemo S portable tracking platform, and to point and fine-tuning point in two directions.

JAN Code: 4961607455197


By mounting it on a fine-tuning mounting assembly, a 1 kg counterweight with shaft included is of particular help to counter the weight of a telescope when you want to use it with Skymemo S portable tracking platform.

JAN Code: 4961607455203


By connecting your camera's external shutter control port and SKYMEMO S with this cable you can directly control the camera's shutter release and therefore easily make interval time shooting with SKYMEMO S' preset shutter intervals.

Product Model Compatibility JAN Code
Shutter Cable Nikon N1 SE-ATN1 Nikon remote code MC-30A 4961607492499
Shutter Cable Nikon N2 SE-ATN2 Nikon remote code MC-DC1 4961607492505
Shutter Cable Canon C1 SE-ATC1 Canon remote switch RS-60E3 4961607492475
Shutter Cable Canon C3 SE-ATC3 Canon remote switch RS-80N3 4961607492482

Note: Regarding compatibility with your camera model, please check your camera's remote code/remote switch on your camera manufacturer product page.

Caution About using mobile battery charger with USB output function

SKYMEMO S has a USB mini-B port and can be power supplied from a mobile battery charger with USB output. However, with some battery chargers power supplying may be suddenly stopped immediately after starting the charging process.

The reason is that the electric current consumption of SKYMEMO S is around 70 mA. That is too small compared to the electric current supplied by some battery chargers. Therefore, in some battery chargers some sort of protection function is activated to stop the power supply.

General Info
Tracking Platforms
Kenko SKYMEMO S Portable Tracking Platform
Black, Red, Silver
Main Characteristics
Tracking Rate (tracking mode)
0.5x, 2x (driving force range 60 degrees), 6x (driving force range 60 degrees), 12x (driving force range 60 degrees), Fixed star, Moon, Sun
Interval Timer
0.5x - Time Lapse Mode / Normal Mode (15 sec / 30 sec), 2x (3 sec / 6 sec), 6x (2 sec / 4 sec), 12x (1 sec / 2 sec), Fixed star (50 sec / 100 sec), Moon (10 sec / 20 sec), Sun (7 sec / 14 sec)
Max. Loading Weight, kg
Worm Wheels
144 pcs. (86mm diameter) in aluminum alloy
Worm Gears
13mm diameter gears in high strength brass
Built-in encoder DC servo motor (right ascension axis only)
Polar Axis
"One star" system date and time setting with precession correction scale (2012-2032) - 4-stars pattern in the polar scope (corresponding to the southern constellation "Octans") can be used to align the mount to the south celestial pole - 7 degrees of actual visibility
Auto-Guide Pin
RJ-12 6-pin (ST-4 type)
Tripod Mount
U3/8 camera female screw (U1/4 conversion adapter included)
Short Plate
U3/8 camera male screw compatible with SkyExplorer
Polar Scope Illuminator Device
Brightness adjustment function, ON/OFF switch
Additional Info
4 AA type alkaline batteries (not included)
Battery Life
Approximately 72 hours (with temperature at 20 degrees, sidereal time drive system, alkaline dry battery, interval timer not in use)
Measurements (WxHxD), mm
Weight, g
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