Moebius 55MT Telescope kit

Exclusive telescope kit for those who are looking to seriously start astronomical observation.
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Product concept

Kenko Tokina presents the Moebius 55MT Telescope kit developed together with Japanese company Tomytec, who specializes in the production and sales of telescopes under the Borg brand.

The Moebius Telescope Kit consists of a 600mm focal length telescope, exclusively designed stop-free altazimuth mount, and robust tripod, making a convenient kit to watch celestial bodies for astro beginners.

This Kenko x Borg project aims to provide the market Japanese high-quality in a compact and easy to use tool for celestial observation purposes that stands beyond entry class telescope.

The telescope component is provided by Borg (Tomytec) with its 32-years history of high quality standards and know-how in production of premium optical products.

The most known advantage of Borg telescopes are their customizable design. All parts of Moebius telescope are compatible with Borg multiple accessories that allows user to build up its own unique telescope.

The body is a tube that consists of several precisely grinded aluminum parts, while the exterior design and optics can easily compete with the premium Borg models.


Provided by Digiborg

Altazimuth mount in stylish and compact design is provided by Kenko (Kenko Tokina). It features a stop-free construction with a lock function that provides smooth and confident operations with a load capacity of 5kgs.

A robust tripod from Kenko ensures stable setting of the telescope.

Compared with conventional aluminum tripods, this Moebius tripod is made of stainless steel with two-section legs to adjust the height of the tripod for all kind of users.

Highlighted features

Compact and easy to start with

Telescope features 55mm diameter light aluminum tube. The optical construction provides a 600mm focal length. This design is suitable for astro beginners to start observation or shooting the celestial bodies like Sun or Moon. The telescope can be disassembled for easy carrying in the bag when traveling by airplane or hiking.

Helicoid focusing system

Moebius telescope adopts a helicoid focusing system that is convenient when photographing celestial objects.

* Camera mount adapters sold separately.

Peeping hole

Moebius telescope is equipped with a simple peeping hole that does not require special abilities or knowledge to point the telescope on the observing celestial object or star.

Stop-free altazimuth mount

Moebius telescope is mounted on a stop-free altazimuth mount that can be locked at horizontal or vertical axis wherever you want it to be positioned.

Micromotion handles

Altazimuth mount is equipped with vertical and horizontal microscopic handles for even better and more correct pointing operations.

Easy to assemble

Moebius telescope is easy to assemble thanks to the dovetail-plate attachment. Fixing on a tripod can be also done in one-two steps.

Threaded hood to attach filters

The telescope has a filter thread of 58mm at the front part of the hood to attach astronomic filters such as ND100000 to enjoy sun eclipse photography.

How to attach the camera



Model name Moebius 55 Optical Tube
Diameter 55mm
Focal length 600mm
Aperture ratio, F 10.9
Optical design 1 group, 2 achromat elements
Coating Multi-coated
Overall length 640mm
Max. tube diameter 60mm
Weight aprox. 1 kg
Filter size 58mm (front hood size)
Size of the parts 31.7mm sleeve / M57 P0.75
Accessories 20mm eyepiece, erect-image prism
Country of origin Japan

Altazimuth mount

Worm wheel 96 teeth
Dovetail-plate width 45mm
Load capacity 5kgs
Adjusting angle 0-90 degrees
Tripod mounting hole U3/8
Dimensions 178 x 185.5 x 152mm (40 degrees angle)
Weight Approx. 1.22 kg
Country of origin Japan


Type Two-section leg, stainless
Height 680-1100mm
Weight 3.1kgs
Country of origin Japan
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