BORG 107FL Telescope SET CR (6207)

BORG's premium flag-ship model for professional astro-lovers.
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The BORG 107FL telescope SET CR is a premium model for professionals astro-watchers featuring 600mm focal length objective lens that incorporates expensive fluorite glass element from globally known Canon Optron brand. Compared with BORG 90FL model axial chromatic aberrations are more suppressed. Being compatible with 80Ø barrel system the BORG 107FL Telescope SET CR is built in a compact and portable construction by using carbon fiber made barrels. Arca Swiss base plates to attach to camera tripods. It is also possible to convert telescope to tele lens by removing prism and the eyepiece and attaching the camera mount adapters instead.

The BORG 107FL Telescope SET CR is recommended for starry sky observation, nebulas, star clusters, and planets.

Highlight features

  • Fluorite glass element from Canon Optron in the optical design for ultimate resolution and minimizing of axial chromatic aberrations.

  • Objective lens optical construction: 2 elements in 2 groups, fluorite apochromatic, multicoated.

  • Rack and pinion focusing system.

  • Arca Swiss base plates to attach to camera tripods.

  • Equipped with 2 eyepieces and ground eyepiece to start using just right after the purchase.

  • Super lightweight specifications of only 3.7 kg, including a set of accessories for this class of telescopes.

  • Compatible with 80Ø barrel system.

  • Objective lenses and major parts are made in Japan.

  • CR stands for Carbon and rack&pinion focusing system.


Model Name BORG 107FL Telescope SET CR
Product Code 6207
Focal Length, mm 600
Aperture f/5.6
Min. Length, mm 504
Weight, g 3700
Filter Size, mm 82
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