BORG 107FL Tele Lens Set CH (6210)

BORG's premium flag-ship model for professional astrophotographers.
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Instructions Manual   PDF, 152 Kb

The BORG 107FL Tele Lens Set CH is the premium BORG model, designed for professional astro-photographers. This tele lens features a 600mm focal length objective lens that incorporates high-end apochromat fluorite glass elements from Canon Optron, Inc.

Axial chromatic aberrations are suppressed even further with the 107FL objective lens when matched against the 90FL. The BORG 107FL Telescope Set CR is constructed with a lightweight and compactable carbon fiber barrel. Arca-Swiss Quick Release base plates are included for tripod mounting. The BORG 107FL Telescope Set CR is recommended for starry sky, nebula, star cluster, and planet photography.

You can convert this tele lens to a telescope by attaching a BORG telescope prism and eyepiece (sold separately).

Highlight features

  • Apochromat fluorite glass elements from Canon Optron, Inc. are incorporated in the lens' optical design for ultimate resolution and minimal axial chromatic aberrations.

  • Objective lens optical construction: 2 elements in 2 groups, fluorite apochromat, fully multicoated.

  • Robust and beautiful carbon fiber barrel.

  • BORG 80Ø barrel system.

  • M75 helicoid precise focusing system.

  • Super lightweight specifications of 3.2 kilograms (including accessories).

  • Arca-Swiss Quick Release System tripod plate.

  • Objective lenses and major parts are Made in Japan.

'CH' stands for carbon fiber barrel and helicoid.

Attention: BORG camera mount adapters are NOT included in this set. Please purchase the relevant camera mount adapter and other necessary components separately.


Model Name BORG 107FL Tele Lens Set CH
Product Code 6210
Focal Length, mm 600
Aperture f/5.6
Min. Length, mm 479
Weight, g 3200
Filter Size, mm 82
Minimum Focusing Distance, m 5
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