BORG 72FL Tele Lens SET CH (6720)

Tele lens with unbreakable popularity, specifically adjusted to shoot with digital cameras.
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Super tele lens featuring 400mm long focal length, fixed aperture f/5.6 and M75 helicoid focusing system. The optical design includes fluorite glass element from Canon Optron to effectively reduce chromatic aberrations. The main barrel is made of carbon fiber to reduce weight. The BORG 72FL Tele lens SET CH can also be used with 60Ø barrel system. By changing the camera mount adapter the lens can be used with different camera systems. When combined with exclusively designed reducer focal length will be 360mm and aperture f/4.

Highlight features

  • Canon Optron brand fluorite glass element.

  • Objective lens optical design: 2 elements in 2 groups, fluorite, apochromatic, multicoated.

  • The weight is only 1.8 kg including a set of accessories.

  • Objective lenses and major parts are made in Japan.

  • CH stands for Carbon and Helicoid.


Model Name BORG 72FL Tele lens SET CH
Product Code 6720
Focal Length, mm 400
Aperture f/5.6
Min. Length, mm 370
Weight, g 1800
Filter Size, mm 77
Minimum Focusing Distance, m 4
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