BORG 36ED EAA Tele Lens Set (3964)

Compact and lightweight telescope set customized to be used with astro cameras for celestial observation.
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Electro-optical viewing is a viewing method in which a CMOS camera is attached to an astronomical telescope instead of an eyepiece, and the celestial objects are projected on a computer screen.

BORG 36ED EAA Tele Lens Set is designed for a wide range of users - from beginners as a starting model, to professionals as sub-gear to carry on the go. Light and easy to carry, adults of all ages can enjoy this BORG. Set can be upgraded by changing the objective lens to a Canon Optron, Inc. apochromat fluorite 55FL or 72FL lens. Recommended for extensive starry sky observation and bird watching.

Highlight features

  • Set of extremely compact barrel, helicoid type focusing unit combined with 36ED objective lens.

  • A camera with a 31.7mm (American size) sleeve insert type can be mounted without modification.

  • The optical tube is pre-installed with an Arca-Swiss type resin base, so it can be mounted on an Arca-Clamp without any modification.

  • A 45mm width dovetail plate [3125] is included and can be attached to the optical tube via the pedestal without using the optical tube band.

  • The objective lens, helicoid and other major parts of this product are made in Japan.


Model Name BORG 36ED EAA Tele Lens Set
Product Code 3964
Focal Length, mm 200
Aperture f/5.6
Lens Construction 2 ED apochromats in 2 groups
Main Unit Weight, g 270
  • The eyepiece is a 31.7mm insert type.
  • Arca-Swiss type pedestal attached.
  • Includes 45mm wide dovetail plate [3125].
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