BORG 36ED Telescope Set (6138)

Compact and lightweight telescope for beginners.
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Instructions Manual   PDF, 127 Kb

Compact and lightweight telescope set that is designed for a wide range of users - from beginners as a starting model, to professionals as sub-gear to carry on the go. Light and easy to carry, adults of all ages can enjoy this BORG.

Set can be upgraded by changing the objective lens to a Canon Optron, Inc. apochromat fluorite 55FL or 72FL lens. Recommended for extensive starry sky observation and bird watching.

Highlight features

  • Compact optics with low dispersion lens (ED).

  • Objective lens optical design: 2 ED apochromatic lenses in 2 groups, fully multicoated.

  • Erect prism (included) allows users to observe both on-ground objects and celestial bodies.

  • BORG 60Ø barrel system.

  • 20mm and 9mm eyepieces included.

  • Arca-Swiss Quick Release System tripod collar.

  • Objective lenses and major parts are Made in Japan.

This set does not include a helicoid. Focusing should be done manually.


Model Name BORG 36ED Telescope Set
Product Code 6138
Focal Length, mm 200
Aperture f/5.6
Min. Length, mm 210
Weight, g 749
Filter Size, mm 46
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