BORG 54 Telescope SET (6154)

A basic model for users who are new to the BORG series.
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Astronomical telescope set with Borg 54 300mm F5.6 objective lens. The set is composed with minimum necessary parts all made in Japan and compatible for 60Ø barrel system for comfortable viewing of celestial bodies. Arca Swiss type collar is included for quick attachment to the camera tripod. M57 DXII helicoid focus adjustment unit is included in the set that allows to use this product for astro shooting. Compact and lightweight body provides comfortable carrying this set during the trip. Possible to upgrade to a high-performance objective lens such as the BORG 55FL that uses fluorite glass element from Canon Optron brand.

Highlight features

  • Objective lens optical design: 2 elements in 1 group, achromat, multicoated.

  • 2 eyepieces (9mm and 20mm) with upright prism for astro and on-ground observation.

  • Arca Swiss type collar.

  • M57 DXII helicoid focus adjustment unit is included.

  • Objective lenses and major parts are made in Japan.


Model Name BORG 54 Telescope SET
Product Code 6154
Focal Length, mm 300
Aperture f/5.6
Min. Length, mm 321
Weight, g 822
Filter Size, mm 58
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