BORG 90FL + Reducer 7872 Set (6572)

360mm tele lens combined with reducer for ultimate optical resolution to shoot nebulas and star clusters.
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A 90FL tele lens and 0.72x reducer set for ultimate optical resolution from corner to corner. Exceptional optical resolution is achieved by adopting fluorite glass elements from Canon Optron, Inc. in the objective lens. Focal length of 360mm and f/4 aperture makes this lens fast, sharp, and ideal for shooting nebulas and star clusters. The lightweight construction of 2.5 kilograms can be mounted on a portable equatorial mount. The objective lens, metallic barrel and helicoid can be separated, making this lens easy to carry when travelling outdoors and embarking on long expeditions. A linear helicoid is equipped with a scale and stopper to ensure a good response when focusing.

You can convert this tele lens to a telescope by attaching a BORG telescope prism and eyepiece (sold separately).

Highlight features

  • 90FL tele lens and 0.72x reducer set for shortening the shutter speed.

  • Objective lens built with apochromat fluorite glass elements from Canon Optron, Inc.

  • Objective lens optical design: 5 elements in 6 groups, fluorite, apochromatic, fully multicoated.

  • BORG 80Ø barrel system

  • Super lightweight specifications of 2.5 kilograms (including accessories).

  • Arca-Swiss Quick Release System tripod plate.

  • Objective lenses and major parts are Made in Japan.

Attention: BORG camera mount adapters are NOT included in this set. Please purchase the relevant camera mount adapter and other necessary components separately.


Model Name BORG 90FL + Reducer 7872 Set
Product Code 6572
Focal Length, mm 360
Aperture f/4
Min. Length, mm 389
Weight, g 2500
Filter Size, mm 82
Minimum Focusing Distance, m 4
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