Kenko REAL PRO 0.65x Wide / Macro Lens

REAL PRO 0.65x Wide / Macro Lens

This lens is designed to be attached to smart phone or tablets with built-in camera to get 0.65x wide angle or macro images. Suitable for group photos, landscape, snap photos or macro photography.
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Kenko REAL PRO 0.65x Wide / Macro Lens is a wide angle optical element made using fine processed glass. 0.65x Wide / Macro Lens creates 120° field of view image that is more wider than central field of view of a human eye. Lens comes with universal clip that is attached to smart phone, tablet or other gadget.


widemacro_3Kenko REAL PRO 0.65x Wide / Macro Lens consists of two optical elements that are jointed together by screwing one to another. If you want to use it as 120° wide lens use full combination of two elements. If you want to shoot macro unscrew upper element and use only lower one. Note that Kenko REAL PRO 0.65x Wide / Macro Lens will not work with only wide lens element.

Kenko REAL PRO 0.65x Wide / Macro Lens will increase the possibility of smart phone and other gadget cameras allowing you to make unique and astonishing wide angle and macro photos.

The era of smart phone photography

More and more people recognize the smart phone as a high-performance camera. It is difficult to deny that smartphone with its advanced camera lens system and editing tools will continue to conquest the market in quite a confident manner. We believe that smart phone photography as an autonomous genre will be developing further providing a user bigger possibilities to express himself. This is a new offer from Kenko - a range of optical instruments for a smartphone, that will help you to show YOUR hidden talents to the world. In spite of the fact that there is a big competition out there, we introducing simple and versatile Kenko REAL PRO Clip Lens system with better quality and better performance.

Become an artist with Kenko REAL PRO 0.65x Wide / Macro Lens

Wide angle and macro lens are widely used in photography. Take an advantage of 120° view when shooting landscapes and snap photos. Camera lens field of view is often not enough for desired framing, especially in narrow room or in circumstances when you cannot take steps back to cover the whole view you want to capture. 0.65x wide lenses will serve great deal when you take group selfie photos. Because in this case smart phone camera will need additional conversional lens to increase the angle of view.

Without Kenko REAL PRO 0.65x Wide / Macro Lens With Kenko REAL PRO 0.65x Wide / Macro Lens
Without Kenko REAL PRO 0.65x Wide / Macro Lens With Kenko REAL PRO 0.65x Wide / Macro Lens

What is special?

widemacro_6 Kenko REAL PRO 0.65x Wide / Macro Lens comes with excellent optics that will not let your expensive smart phone camera down. Optics with multi-layer coating precisely covered in aircraft aluminum alloy body finished by anodic oxidation will drastically change your image, but not change the quality.
clip_2 Kenko REAL PRO 0.65x Wide / Macro Lens comes with universal clip. Clip has a unique and sophisticated design that provides best performance.


Thanks to its exclusive construction clip is compatible with up to 30mm wide gadgets and monitors with built in camera.

clip_4 Clip has a special stabilization plate that provides stable and firm clipping even if the surface of the gadget is inclined. The silicon pad will prevent lens system from slipping off the gadget and help to keep optical axe right in the center.
clip_5 Clip comes with metal chain to keep lens always at your side and not miss the chance. Metal chain can be removed in order to freely customize lens system to your own life style.

The most versatile lens system for mobile gadgets

Kenko REAL PRO 0.65x Wide / Macro Lens is compatible with a range of devices including iPhone 7, 6, 6+, 5, 5C, 5S, 4, 3; Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 Edge, S6, S6 Edge, S5, S4, S3; iPad 2, 3, 4, Air and many more.



What is in the package?


Important notes:

  • This product's clip is compatible with devices that are 30mm or less in width and whose max. distance from the edge to the  center of the camera is 25mm or less.
  • Depending on smart phone model there might be vignetting near the corners of the screen after clip lens is attached. To get rid of the vignetting slightly zoom the screen by fingers.
  • Using clip lens system with the smart phone case on may cause quality drop of the image. It is recommended to take off the case before attaching clip lens on the smart phone.
  • When use 7x tele lens it is recommended to use tripod to prevent shaking.
  • Please, note that clip when attached to the smart phone or tablet may cover the flash or front / rear microphone. In this case you will not be able to use flash and the quality of the recorded sound will change.
  • Depending on the shape of the camera lens unit of the smartphone (e.g. dual lens) the clip may not be attached properly.
General Info
Mobile lens
Kenko REAL PRO 0.65x Wide / Macro Lens
Fixed focus lens
Main Characteristics
Lens Material
Optical glass
Angle of View, °
Construction E/G
2 elements in 2 groups
Body Material
Aluminum alloy with anodic oxidation
Additional Info
Measurements (WxHxD), mm
Weight, g
Caps (x2), Chain, Cleaning cloth, Clip, Lens (x2), Pouch
Introducing Kenko REAL PRO Clip Lens at CP+2016
Kenko REAL PRO Clip Lens for smart phone photographers
Kenko REAL PRO Clip Lens
Shooting macro with Kenko REAL PRO Clip Lens
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