New release of Kenko Assist ARM wheelchair support accessory

Mar 24, 2022

Kenko Tokina Co., Ltd. is pleased to announce the news release of Kenko Assist ARM KS-WS and ARM KS-WL - wheelchair support accessories.

Generally, while riding in a wheelchair, users have to use their hands for pushing it. At times, this can be very bugging: every time users want to use their hands for something else, like e.g., checking a map on the tablet, they have to stop the wheelchair. We would like to find a way to solve this problem, which led us to the development of Kenko Assist ARM series. But with the Kenko Assist ARM, big problems like this can be solved easily, making daily life in a wheelchair much more comfortable. For example, great ways to use the Kenko Assist ARM is for attaching a tablet with the tablet holder, which allows you to look the map on the screen in front of you at any time, or enjoy shooting photos by attaching a camera to the tip of the pole. Through using a very strong clamp that can be attached to the wheelchair firmly, the risk of sudden disengagement while riding a wheelchair is very small. The angle and height can be freely adjusted to the preferences of the user. KS-WL has an extension pole can be attached to extend the range of motion.


  • High quality life support accessories in collaboration with the tripod manufacturer 'SLIK'.
  • Firm attach to the pipe thanks to the large metal clamp with two side locking system.
  • Rosette gear for firm and secure positioning of the arm.
  • Length scale for convenient adjustment of the arm.
  • Universal ball-head provides freedom for adjustment and quick set-up.

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