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Easy to Attach
Just clip to the smartphone
and screw the filter in
What kind of filter can be used?
All 49mm size filters can be used!
Suggested Filters
Black Mist is a soft filter consisting of a very fine black diffusion material sandwiched between optical glass. It creates atmospheric images reminiscent of films from the film era by pleasantly weakening resolution. In night photography, it softly blurs the light source, and in backlit situations, it reduces contrast to create an exquisitely soft atmosphere. In portrait photography, it creates the impression of smooth, veiled skin.
Black Mist filter
Contrast is reduced to create a cinematic texture
The Variable ND is variable from ND2.5 to ND1000 equivalent (usable range up to ND450 equivalent), eliminating the need to use different ND2, ND4, ND8, etc. The amount of light reduction can be freely adjusted simply by rotating the front frame of the filter. ND filters are said to be indispensable when shooting video in order to suppress white noise and capture smooth motion.

*When using this product, please use an application that allows you to change the shutter.
Variable ND
Controls the amount of light without affecting color
Black Mist
Without filter
With Black Mist filter
Without filter
With Black Mist filter
Without filter
With Black Mist filter
Variable ND
With Variable ND
With Variable ND
Other Filters
Lens Hood
The EXAPRO Filter Clip and Lens Hood Kit combines Filter Clip with Lens Hood to prevent reflections from the window glass. The Hood effectively shuts down the light that reflects from the glass when you shoot the night city through the hotel or airplane window, thus producing clear and high contrast image. The hood itself is made of rubber, to be compactly folded when carrying in the bag.
Shooting Style
The EXAPRO Filter Clip can be attached and detached in one simple and quick move.
* When using this product, please use an application that allows you to change the shutter.
Tripod to hold your smartphone in place for long exposures!*
The EXAPRO Filter Clip is so lightweight and compact, that you can
use it one the smartphone attached to the tripod or on the gimbal.
EXAPRO Filter Clip System Chart

  • Depending on smartphone camera specifications, vignetting (dark area at the corners of the image) may occur. In this case try to activate another camera or adjust the angle of view by digital zoom.
  • Depending on the position of the camera unit on the smartphone, the filter clip cannot be attached at the center of the camera.
EXAPRO Filter Product Lineup

Released on May 19, 2023

EXAPRO Filter Clip (EXP-FC-01)
EXAPRO Filter Clip and Lens Hood Kit (EXP-LH-01)

Coming Soon

EXAPRO Filter Clip + Black Mist No.05

EXAPRO Filter Clip + Variable ND

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