Kenko PRO1D+ INSTANT ACTION magnetic filters series

Dec 1, 2020

We are glad to announce a revolutionary filter attaching system Kenko PRO1D+ INSTANT ACTION.

We believe every photographer at least once in their lifetime has experienced the frustration of missing the perfect shot because it took too long to attach or change the filter. We beleive if one could attach and detach the filter from the lens easier and quicker, the perfect shot won't be missed. Our mission was to free the photographer from the hassle of changing filters and make him focus on taking the best photos.

Finally we had the idea to develop this system. Kenko PRO1D+ INSTANT ACTION is here to provide the solution. This system is suppose to free all photographers from the inconvenience of changing filters. Furthermore, there will be no accidents of the filter falling when attaching and detaching it by screwing it onto the lens.

This system is very easy to use. All you need is an adapter and a filter. Attach the adapter to the lens. Once the adapter is attached to the lens, there is no need to remove it every time. After attaching the adapter to the lens, simply attach the filter. You will not miss a moment.

We are confident that Kenko PRO1D+ INSTANT ACTION will widen your shooting possibilities.

Advantages of Kenko PRO1D+ INSTANT ACTION system

  • Instant attach or detach operations. No more frustration with the screwing process.
  • Kenko PRO1D+ INSTANT ACTION system allows to instantly change filters according to fast changing shooting conditions. You will not miss the perfect shot.
  • Kenko PRO1D+ INSTANT ACTION system provides possibility to convert your favorite filter system into magnetic with the use of a Conversion Ring.
  • Kenko PRO1D+ INSTANT ACTION system is easy to maintain and use thanks to superior anti-reflection coating, and water and repellent properties.

  • No more filter drop accidents with Kenko PRO1D+ INSTANT ACTION system.

How Kenko PRO1D+ INSTANT ACTION system works

Kenko PRO1D+ INSTANT ACTION system basically consists of two components: an Adapter Ring and magnetic filter. To attach the Kenko PRO1D+ INSTANT ACTION filter onto your lens you will need an Adapter Ring and a PRO1D+ INSTANT ACTION filter of the same size as your lens.

  1. Screw the Adapter Ring onto the lens. Make sure the size of the Adapter Ring fits the size of the lens.
  2. Attach the Kenko PRO1D+ INSTANT ACTION magnetic filter to the lens.
  3. Enjoy shooting!

Adapter Ring is necessary to use a Kenko PRO1D+ INSTANT ACTION System. If you want to change Kenko PRO1D+ Instant Action filters that are all the same size, you don't have to remove the Adapter Ring.

Registered Patent Number: CN 209044251 U, CN 210691007 U.

Kenko PRO1D+ INSTANT ACTION system line-up

Kenko PRO1D+ INSTANT ACTION System introduces different wide range of filters featuring solo and set package for the users convenience. Solo packages include only a filter while set packages include a filter and an Adapter Ring.


The ultimate clear filter for your lens protection. It does not affect the color balance or performance of your lens.


Absorbs ultraviolet rays which often make outdoor photographs hazy and indistinct.


C-PL filter enhances color contrast and controls reflections by rotating the filter.

Kenko PRO1D+ INSTANT ACTION Adapter Ring

Adapter Ring is necessary accessory for using the Kenko PRO1D+ INSTANT ACTION system. By simply screwing on your lens, this Adapter Ring allows you to instantly attach, change and detach any Kenko PRO1D+ INSTANT ACTION accessories.

* No need to remove the Adapter Ring from the lens every time you change the filter.


Kenko PRO1D+ INSTANT ACTION Variable NDX 3-450

Variable NDX 3-450 provides a convenient way to maintain exposure control by being able to vary the amount of light entering the camera. The filter also provides polarization a effect that together with ND adjustment will allow you to create awesome images.

Kenko PRO1D+ INSTANT ACTION CLOSE-UP lens (No 1, 2, 3, 4)

Close-up lenses make the original minimum working distance of your lens shorter, allowing you to get closer to the subject and shoot it with bigger magnification. Close-up lenses will let you enter a new world of creativity, providing detailed close-up shots. Magnification can be chosen by changing the type of close-up lens (No 1, 2, 3, 4).

Kenko PRO1D+ INSTANT ACTION Conversion Ring

Our Conversion Ring together with the KENKO PRO1D+ INSTANT ACTION Adapter Ring allows to instantly attach any common screw type filter on your lens in the most quickest and easiest way with the help of magnet power.


About Kenko

Kenko is part of Kenko Tokina Co., Ltd. - leading optical manufacturer and trade company specializing in manufacturing and sales of Kenko brand photo accessories like photographic filters, conversion lenses, extension tube sets, mount adapters, binoculars and other products that make one's lifestyle more exciting.

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