Standard basic 3 stage tripod that uses a 23mm pipe diameter and large lever lock to pursue greater strength and ease of use.
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The Kenko SQR213 is the next standard basic 3-stage tripod that uses a 23mm pipe diameter and large lever lock to pursue greater strength and ease of use.

The equipment can handle up to 2kg. It is possible to install a lot of equipment and cameras.

A new basic tripod that has succeeded in achieving both 'strength' and 'ease of use'

If the tripod is too light and small, slight wind or fine operations, will cause blurring.

The Kenko SQR213 is a basic tripod that achieves a maximum load of 2kg by using a highly stiff pipe with a diameter of 23mm.

Not limited to mirrorless cameras and video cameras, DSLR cameras can also be firmly mounted, making it a tripod that boasts a higher level of strength.

Large lever lock that can be operated reliably with fingers

A large lever lock type is used to lock the legs. With a firm finger grip it can be locked quickly and securely.

Full basic functions such as quick shoe type, spirit level and elevator equipment

The Kenko SQR213 uses a quick shoe-type mounting method that allows the camera to be mounted easily and speedily on a tripod. By attaching the quick shoe plate (included) to the camera side, you can set the camera on a tripod in just two steps by placing the camera and tightening the lever. In addition, it is equipped with a full range of basic features such as a spirit level that allows you to check whether the tripod is horizontal, and an elevator that allows you to fine-tune the height.

  • A new basic tripod that combines strength and ease of use.
  • By adopting a pipe with excellent stiffness, 23mm diameter, this product achieves a maximum load of 2kg.
  • Large lever lock for easy grip and operation.
  • Geared elevator with fine adjustable height.
  • Smooth control to up, down, left and right by 3-way pan head.

Main features

Basic tripod with stability

Kenko SQR213 have a maximum pipe diameter of 23 mm and a load capacity of 2 kg. It makes stable shooting.

Easy to control with 3-Way Pan Head

3 way head pan head makes easy to control up, down, left and right positions of the camera.

Large lever for easy and reliable operation

Equipped with a side-opening lever-type leg lock that allows you to quickly and comfortably release and secure your legs with just the turn of the lever or flip. Large levers make leg stretch easy and reliable.

Quick Shoe makes you to set your camera smoothly.

Adopts a quick shoe mounting method that allows you to easily and quickly attach the camera to a tripod. Install the quick shoe plate (included) on the camera beforehand.


  1. Put the camera on.
  2. Tighten the lever in 2 steps.

Quick shoe system allows you to quickly remove the camera from the tripod. It can be used immediately even if you suddenly want to take photos by hand.

The shoe plate attaches to the camera is coin operated. The coin can be placed in the groove and screwed onto the camera by turning the screw. When you are carrying a tripod, please attach it securely to your camera beforehand.

Adjustable height

By turning the crank, the elevator can be moved up and down on 33cm.

Even after the tripod is opened and set up, the height can be fine-tuned within the range of motion.The crank can be turned with light force.

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Kenko SQR213
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