Let's take a higher-quality photography with a C-PL filter!

Jun 30, 2021

PL filter that vividly expresses the landscape

Have you ever been disappointed at the pictures you took which were not as vivid and impressive as the beautiful scenery? The C-PL filter is recommended when shooting landscapes. The C-PL filter is a filter that has the effect of adjusting the reflected light by turning the front frame of the double frame to make the color vivid.

It removes reflections on the surface of the water to give a clear picture of the sea, and makes the blue sky a deep, and vibrant blue color to enhance contrast.

Let's try to shoot the beautiful landscapes with the C-PL filter!

With C-PL filter | "Happy Jump" by Kyaw Kyaw Winn

Effect 1: Remove the unwanted light reflections

When the filter is not used, reflection occurs on the water surface and it glows white. You can use the C-PL filter to remove reflections and capture the colors of the sea vividly. Not only water reflections, but also reflections on the surface of any object, such as glass, leaves, rocks, buildings, and the ground, can be reduced.

* It has no effect on the reflection of metal and mirrors.

How to remove the light reflection

To remove reflections on the surface of water and leaves, it is most effective to shoot from a position at an angle of 30-40° to a flat surface. It is not effective for shoot from the front.

With PL filter

For shooting sea scape

Without filter With PL filter

For a reflection of show window

Without filter With PL filter

For product shooting

Without filter With PL filter

Effect 2: Enhance color contrast such as the blue sky

Another effect of the C-PL filter is to make the blue sky darker and more vivid. When sunlight hits molecules in the atmosphere, light scattering occurs.

By using a C-PL filter you can reduce the effects of scattering to make the sky darker blue and enhance the contrast with cherry blossoms, fresh green, autumn leaves, and white clouds.

Without filter With PL filter

How to shoot a deeper blue sky

The point for shooting a deeper blue sky with C-PL filter is the position of the sun. It is most effective in the direction perpendicular to the position of the photographer with the sun behind. It is effective near the horizon during the day when the sun is high, and near the zenith in the sky in the morning and evening when the sun is low.

Without filter With PL filter
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