Kenko REALPRO R72 Infrared filter transmits only infrared light spectrum with wavelength more than 700nm (nanometers).
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REALPRO series is designed according to highest Kenko quality control standards and experience in producing photographic filters. REALPRO series aims to meet professional and amateur photographer demands that are becoming more varying and specific.


Despite the high-pitch development of digital technologies, black and white photography still keeps its positions as separate and quite popular genre. There are a lot of different techniques used in black and white photography, and one of them is about infrared light. The result is rather interesting; photos made in infrared spectrum have strange colors due to temperature of the objects: warm objects like foliage or asphalt will be lighter in color shown in white, and cold objects (tree trunks and water) will appear in dark colors.

Kenko REALPRO R72 was designed especially for this kind of photography. This filter will cut all visible light range and will transmit only infrared spectrum with wavelength more than 700mm.

Before After

High light transmittance


Usually sensors of digital cameras are more sensitive than film cameras. That's why lights can create unwanted effects in the image due to light reflections in the lens itself. Filters, as they are also optical equipment, can make the situation even worth. That's why filters need Anti-Reflection Multi Coating.

Both side multi anti-reflection coating adopted in REALPRO R72 is aimed to eliminate any chance of unwanted reflections and flares on the image.

Shooting specifics

Kenko REALPRO R72 allows you to get images in infrared light that is invisible for human eyes. You will see something that you have not seen before.

BW mode Color mode

These kind of images basically can be either red if you set color mode or black and white if you set BW mode in the camera. But after certain deep after processing using editing software you may get some blueish colors for the sky. This technic will open for you some additional opportunities in photography.

Black Almite Frame

glassTo reduce to minimum any unwanted reflections REALPRO R72 adopts black aluminum satin finish almite frame. Satin finish will increase friction between fingers and frame for quick operation and satin black frame will minimize internal reflections.

Black Rimmed Glass

To reduce the internal light reflections off the edge of the filter glass Kenko uses the technology of black rimming. The outer rim of the glass plate is treated with a specific black ink prevent any leaking of the light.

Wide Variety of Sizes

REALPRO R72 is available in diameters from 49mm to 82mm.

UV Protected Case

Every REALPRO filter comes with durable re-usable plastic case with UV-cut function. Since the polarization film is sensitive to UV light REALPRO case will lengthen life of the filter. case

General care and handling of the photographic filter

  1. Use filter carefully and always keep it clean. When cleaning use cleaning tissue or cleaning cloth. But before that remove as much dust and dirt as possible from the lens with a blower or brush.
  2. Avoid unnecessary cleaning of your filter.
  3. Filter is made of glass. When it is broken glass fragments may injure.
  4. Do not disassemble filter by yourself.
  5. When the filter is not attached to the lens, store it away from sharp objects. They may damage the filter glass.
  6. Keep filter away from children.
  7. Keep filters in plastic hard-sided case or filter pouch.
  8. Keep filters dry and away from direct sun light.
  9. Avoid storage in high humidity environment. Moisture drops due to the high humidity or dew on the filter can burn the coating and create traces on the glass surface that can be hardly wiped off.
General Info
Available Sizes, mm
49, 52, 55, 58, 62, 67, 72, 77, 82
Main Characteristics
Frame Material
Invisible Vietnam by Richard Simko
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