Smartphone Lens Protector for iPhone 13/13 mini

Beautifully designed smartphone lens protector with hardened glass in colorful aluminum frame.
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Kenko presents smartphone lens protector that adopts hardened glass in aluminum frame.

Kenko smartphone lens protector adopts Corning's Gorilla Glass® 2320 to achieve a surface hardness of 9H. Water&oil-repellent coating makes water droplets and fingerprints difficult to adhere, thus realizing high product maintainability.

Simple mounting method - just paste and peel off from above. The smartphone lens protector can be attached without direct contact. Kenko offers different color variations to match the smartphone original color lineup. You can match your smartphone with the same color, or you can dare to enjoy two-tone colors.

Main features

Corning's Gorilla Glass® 2320 to achieve a surface hardness of 9H

Corning's Gorilla Glass® 2320 featuring surface hardness of 9H protects the smartphone lens firmly. *Gorilla Glass® is a registered trademark of Corning Inc.

The water&oil-repellent coating makes the glass hard to get dirty. Cleaning has never been so easy!

The water&oil-repellent coating repels water and dirt from the lens surface. Fingerprints and stains are hard to get on, and maintenance can be done by simply wiping the glass off.

Beautifully integrated design

Kenko smartphone lens protector adopts an integrated design that does not allow your smartphone to lose that gorgeous look.

A full cleaning kit is included

Kenko smartphone lens protector comes with a cleaning kit to clean dust and dirt before installation.


Just stick and peel off from above! Easy installation

Use a new method of instilling using a special tool that allows attaching. Kenko smartphone lens protector without directly touching the lens.

Available in five colors

Kenko offers different color variations to match the smartphone's original color line up. For iPhone 13/13 mini: Black, Silver, Blue, Red, Pink, Green.


Common specifications

Glass type Corning Gorilla Glass 2320
Coating Water&oil-repellent coating
Frame material Aluminum

For iPhone 13/13 mini

Body thickness Approx. 1.1mm
Product weight Approx. 0.4g
Color variations Black, silver, blue, red, pink, green

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