Close-up lenses for easy macro photography!

May 17, 2021

Get closer and bigger floral shots with Kenko close-up lenses

You can easily attach this filter onto the front of your lens and immediately enjoy macro photography. The close-up lens is perfect for filling the picture with the flower, or getting close to a particularly part of it, such as the stem or a petal.

Without filter With close-up lens No.3
Without filter With close-up lens No.3
Without filter With close-up lens No.4

Blur the background!

Attaching a close-up lens makes the area in focus narrower, significantly bluring the background.

Choosing the right close-up lenses

There are different types of close-up lenses, ranging from No.1 to No.10. The higher the number, the closer you can get to your target, which means a larger image. First, check the minimum focusing distance of your lens. Then use the table on the right to choose a close-up lens that allows you to get closer than the lens' minimum working distance.

* Distance from the tip of the lens to the subject.
** Distance from the image sensor surface of the camera to the target.

How close can I get with my lens?

How close can I get with my lens?

Although it is only a theoretical value, the following formula can be used to determine the shooting distance when using a close-up lens.

Without filterWith close-up lens No.1With close-up lens No.2With close-up lens No.3With close-up lens No.4

For telephoto zoom lenses with a minimum working distance of about 1m, No.1-3 are recommended. For standard zoom lenses with a minimum working distance of 30cm or less, No.3-5 are recommended. No.10 is also available for larger shots.
Close-up lenses can be stacked, for example No.2 and No.3 will give you No.5 magnification.

How to use the close-up lens

1. Use a tripod

Macro photography has a very narrow focus range, so it is best to use a tripod to keep your camera in focus.

2. Changing the aperture to control the amount of blur

When you shoot with a close-up lens, the area in focus becomes narrower. If you want a wider area in focus, use a larger aperture value.

3. Shooting with manual focus

Auto focus may work, but if you want to be sure that your target is in focus where you want it, focus manually. You can focus more reliably by zooming in on the camera's live view.

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