New Kenko Celeste filter series

Sep 20, 2016


Celeste series is aimed to be clear in concept, technologically simple but at the same time provide important advantages to the professional photographers helping to achieve the desirable results.


The naming takes its origin from the Latin word "caelestis" that means magnificent, something above human possibilities and the Italian "celeste" which represents the color of the clear sky. Based on this, the Celeste filter series was designed to provide the best optical performance and superior advantage to the photographer, promising no negative influence on the image.

Celeste series is represented by Celeste UV and Celeste C-PL filters with a full range of sizes for DSLR and mirrorless cameras.

Main features:

Extremely low light reflectivity performance

We achieved unbelievable results in optical performance of Celeste filters thanks to a newly developed 9-layer (18 layers for both sides) anti-reflection "Super ZR coating" (ZR means Zero). The light reflectivity level of this coating hits 0.2% for UV and 0.3% for C-PL. It is really "Close to Zero" results.

Anti-Stain Coating (ASC)

Achieving such an outstanding results in optical performance Celeste filters adopts another layer of Anti-Stain and water repellent coating (ASC) on both sides of the glass for easier and more effective filter maintenance. ASC allows less chance to catch dust of the filter and less chance to scratch filter when wiping the surface with cleaning paper.

High-transparency polarizing film (for C-PL)

Celeste C-PL adopts high-transparency polarizing film that gives to the photographer the advantage of one more stop to capture sharp and clear image in low light conditions.

Newly designed sophisticated low profile frame

Differs from other Kenko filter series Celeste filter frame is completely redesigned to fit the contemporary lens design. The new low-profile frame is slimmer then other similar frames on the market that leaves almost no chance for vignetting issues when used with super-wide lenses. New frame allows attaching lens caps safely. Compared to other similar filter frame designs on the market Celeste’s frame allows more light to pass through into the lens due to widened effective inner diameter.

Celeste series will be revealed at Photokina 2016 (Sep. 20-25, Cologne, Germany) at Kenko Tokina booth (D-27).

Expected time to appear in retail stores - last quater 2016.

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