New release of Kenko PRO1D R-Twinkle Star 6X (W) filter

May 20, 2021

We are glad to announce a new Kenko PRO1D R-Twinkle Star 6X (W) filter.

After a favorable reception to our Kenko PRO1D R-Twinkle Star (W) filter, we are proud to introduce a new 6 beams pattern model. With a 6 line cross, Kenko PRO1D R-Twinkle Star 6X (W) filter converts strong light sources into a cross shaped glimmering stars. Unlike conventional cross filters, Kenko PRO1D R-Twinkle Star 6X (W) boasts moderately sized light beams. Kenko PRO1D R-Twinkle Star 6X (W) also influences light sources reflecting off water surfaces or filtering through tree canopies. Make your shots dazzle and shine.

  • A cross filter that twinkles like the stars.
  • 6 line cross type with a moderate length that does not make the effect dull.
  • Enable to changing the angle of cross pattern by rotating filter frame.
  • Enable to using as a soft filter under the low light conditions.
  • Made in Japan quality.

Sales will commence on July 20, 2021.

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