New release of Kenko STARRY NIGHT PROSOFTON filter

Jun 20, 2024

We are glad to announce a new Kenko STARRY NIGHT PROSOFTON filter.

Sales will commence on July 15, 2024.


When shooting the night sky, the most demanding effects are light pollution reduction and enhancing the brightness of the stars. Light pollution reduction is achieved by using light pollution cut filter and enhancing the stars is achieved by different types of soft effect filters. But what about one single filter that would combine these both effects?

In order to respond to this photographers' demand Kenko invented STARRY NIGHT PROSOFTON filter.

The Kenko STARRY NIGHT PROSOFTON filter allows to obtain both demanding effects - light pollution reduction and enhancing the starts in the sky just by using one single filter. This solution provides benefits to the photographer such as minimized risk of getting vignetted image and budget-saving.

The softening effect of the Kenko Starry Night Prosofton filter equals to Kenko PRO1D PROSOFTON Clear and light pollution effect is equal to currently selling Kenko STARRY NIGHT filter.

The Kenko STARRY NIGHT PROSOFTON filter is dedicated to all night sky photographers.

Main features

  • Effectively improves colors of the night sky caused by city light pollution.
  • Keeping the stars enhanced while making the foreground sharp.
  • Suggested for night sky landscapes and night city scapes.
  • No vignetting due to filters stacking.

Other features and specifications

  • Multi-coated glass to minimize flares and ghosts
  • Black rimmed glass to prevent internal reflections
  • Low-profile frame to minimize vignetting when used with wide angle lens
  • Knurled frame for easy and safety handling
  • Lens cap acceptable frame design
  • EV correction: 1/3 stop
  • Made in Japan

About Kenko

Kenko is part of Kenko Tokina Co., Ltd. - leading optical manufacturer and trade company specializing in manufacturing and sales of Kenko brand photo accessories like photographic filters, conversion lenses, extension tube sets, mount adapters, binoculars and other products that make one's lifestyle more exciting.

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