Contax lens to Fuji-X camera

Kenko mount adapter allows using Contax mount lenses with Fuji-X mount mirrorless cameras.
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Mirrorless cameras started to conquest the market. This gives a photographer an opportunity to enjoy classic lenses with modern mirrorless cameras.

Japan made Kenko mount adapter allows classic manual lenses to be attached to mirrorless cameras giving a chance to express one’s individuality through the image.

Why we need mount adapters?

Mirrorless cameras are compact and fashionable, but they have another advantage for those, who have old manual lenses - short flange back. It gives an opportunity to use old and good lenses that are still existing in the world with mirrorless cameras through the mount adapter, that comes between lens and camera.


Precision in every detail


Much attention is payed to accurate finishing of every part and unit that has direct contact with user's hand and equipment in order to prevent any damage or injure.

Lock lever is made using our rich experience cultivated by producing Kenko TELEPLUS tele converters and Extension Tubes - lock lever will not let the lens fall off or stuck inside the mount.

Screw-free mount construction will protect camera mount from scratches. Strong but flexible brass mount unit secures precious lens firmly.

More versatility

Inner diameter of the mount adapter is widen as much as possible to provide maximum versatility. This solution eliminates vignetting allowing to use wide angle lenses on full frame cameras.

Best light control

Compared with other brand mount adapters, Kenko mount adapters have matt finish exterior with circle threads to prevent internal reflections and light leaks.


Simplicity in design


Note: When combined lenses with different cameras the angle of view of the lens can change. The angle of view depends on the effective size of the camera sensor. Digital sensors are usually smaller than 35mm film, and this causes the lens to have a narrower angle of view than with 35mm film. To find out what will be the angle view of you lens please, refer to camera manufacture web site for crop factor.

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Kenko Contax lens to Fuji-X camera
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