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A 9H in hardness protective film for your camera screen.
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Escorte is a 9H hard to scratch protective film that will shield your camera screen from the most subtle scratches, to assure protection and uncompromised visibility even through long-term use.

It's a film type protector but equivalent in resistance and performance to a glass type one.

Equipped with "handle seals", its application is easy and air bubble free.

Escorte camera screen protector comes in different sizes to match camera screen dimensions of a wide range of DSLR and mirror less camera brands and models.

9H hardness in a film type protector

Escorte camera screen protector won't be affected even by the most subtle scratches, due to accidental rubbing or scraping. As long as you use it, it means protection and absolute clearness on your camera screen, for a maximum visibility on your shooting scene.

Water & Oil Repellent

Escorte camera screen protector also incorporates a water & oil repellent coating.

Water drops, finger prints, smudges etc. can be easily and quickly wiped off and won't bother you anymore while shooting.

High specifications for a crystal clear image

Escorte camera screen protector realizes a total light transmittance of 92%, thus performing excellent transparency. Both photos and videos will be displayed in perfect clearness, brightness and luminosity.

No bubbles left! Air bubble free application

A thick silicon layer is incorporated to act against air bubbles that may infiltrate during its application. Also, its elasticity and flexibility act to disperse eventual air bubbles left*, by making them disappear over time.

* If the camera screen is not properly clean, some air bubbles may become difficult to disperse.

"Handle seals" for an easy application

Before applying the screen protector, please clean the camera screen to remove eventual dirt or dust.

Peel off the underside film of the protector by holding the knob in the lower right corner.

Step 1 – Placing

Hold both the "handle seals" of Escorte screen protector and position it precisely, then place it on the camera monitor.

Step 2 – Pressing

After placing the screen protector on the camera screen, press on "push" to be sure it is properly pasted and slightly press all over the surface to make sure it adheres homogeneously.

Step 3 – Peeling

After pasting the screen protector, hold the "handle seals" and complete the application by peeling off the upper film.


Note: Protective film for upper side panel monitor not included.

Line up


Supported Camera Model Dimensions (WxH) JAN Code
Canon EOS5DMark4/5DS/5DSR 70.6x48.3mm 4961607717424
Canon EOS6DMark2/7DMark2 66.8x45.7mm 4961607717523
CanonEOS80D/70D/9000D/X9i 66.9x45.5mm 4961607671702
Canon EOSKissX9/EOSX9 77.0x51.5mm 4961607771709
Canon EOSM5 78.3x52.4mm 4961607717820
Canon EOSKissM/M100/M6 76.2x50.8mm 4961607071793
Canon PowershotG1XMark3 76.2x50.8mm 4961607081709


Supported Camera Model Dimensions (WxH) JAN Code
Nikon Z7/Z6 79.7x54.5mm 4961607724620
Nikon D850 66.5x50.4mm 4961607181706
Nikon D500/D750 66.5x50.4mm 4961607281703
Nikon D7500 74.3x61.7mm 4961607381700
Nikon D5600/D5500 75.9x58.3mm 4961607481707
Nikon D3400/D3300 65.5x51.3mm 4961607581704
Nikon COOLPIX P1000 65.8x49.3mm 4961607724729


Supported Camera Model Dimensions (WxH) JAN Code
Sony α7III/α7RIII 70.2x51.5mm 4961607681701
Sony α6500/6300/6000/5100 76.8x44.5mm 4961607781708
Sony RX100V/IV/RX1RII 70.2x51.5mm 4961607881705


Supported Camera Model Dimensions (WxH) JAN Code
Olympus E-M10M3/E-M1M2/E-PL9/PEN-F 75.1x50.8mm 4961607981702


Supported Camera Model Dimensions (WxH) JAN Code
Fujifilm X-H1 76.3x51.3mm 4961607091708
Fujifilm X-T2 76.5x49.7mm 4961607191705
Fujifilm X-T3 74.3x51.0mm 4961607652701
Fujifilm X-T20/E-3 69.3x44.3mm 4961607291702
Fujifilm X-A5/X-A3 77.1x51.1mm 4961607719329
Fujifilm X-100T/X-100F 67.5x43.5mm 4961607491706


Supported Camera Model Dimensions (WxH) JAN Code
Pentax K-1Mark2/K-1 4961607591703
Pentax KP/K-70/K-S2 4961607691700


Supported Camera Model Dimensions (WxH) JAN Code
Panasonic GH5/GH5s 78.3x52.4mm 4961607719725
Panasonic GR9PRO/G8/G7/GX7Mark2 74.3x50.8mm 4961607071984
Panasonic GX7Mark3 75.1x50.8mm 4961607071991
Panasonic GF10/GF90/GF9 69.3x44.3mm 4961607719923
General Info
Screen Protectors
Kenko Escorte - Camera Screen Protector
9H hardness film type protector
Main Characteristics
Water-Repellent Coating
Total Light Transmittance
125 micron
Surface Processing
Gloss finishing
Adhesive Material
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