KARITES - Premium Camera Monitor Glass Protector

The ultimate camera monitor glass protector. Full protection for camera monitors from dirt and accidental shocks or scratches, with the advantages of extreme clearness, strength and easy application.
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The name KARITES comes from the "Tree Graces" (Charites), ancient Greek mythology figures who embodied and protected the principles of absolute beauty, elegance and perfection.

Inspired by their model, KARITES' overwhelming performance in "strength", "clearness" and "easy application" proudly shows and aims to offer the same "divine" protection.


Highly Strong and Transparent Optical Glass

Despite being only 0.21mm thin, KARITES glass protector can reach the strength of a more than 9H hardness, in order to strongly protect your camera monitor from any accidental shock and scratches.

In addition, by applying an AR (anti-reflection) coating for light reflection reduction, and with a more than 95.0% high transmission rate, KARITES glass protector guarantees "high visibility" also in outdoor environments.

Japanese technology and processing for the finest touching sensation

For KARITES, too, Kenko aims to pursue the highest and all made in Japan quality by performing all the producing processes, from glass cutting to polishing, from "Anti-stain/anti-fingerprint coating" to "Round edge processing", up to the final packaging process.

Particularly, Japanese technology and processing have been employed to make KARITES glass protector comfortably usable thanks to a very smooth touch feeling during every handling operation.

Ultimately easy to apply and innovative "handle seals"

By adopting newly invented "handle seals", KARITES glass protector makes its application very smooth, easy and possible in three quick steps: "placing", "pressing" and "peeling".


How to use

Before applying the screen protector, please clean the camera screen to remove eventual dirt or dust.

Peel off the underside film of the protector by holding the knob in the lower right corner.

Step 1 – Placing

Hold both the "handle seals" of Escorte screen protector and position it precisely, then place it on the camera monitor.

Step 2 – Pressing

After placing the screen protector on the camera screen, press on "push" to be sure it is properly pasted and slightly press all over the surface to make sure it adheres homogeneously.

Step 3 – Peeling

After pasting the screen protector, hold the "handle seals" and complete the application by peeling off the upper film.


Note: Protective film for upper side panel monitor not included.


  • Glass protector
  • Cleaning paper - 1 pc
  • Lens cleaner - 1 pc
  • Protective film for upper side panel monitor (some models only)

Line up

Supported Camera Model Protector Model Dimensions (WxH), mm JAN Code
Canon EOS 5D Mark IV / 5D Mark III KKG-CEOS5DM4

70.9x48.6 (*45.5x18.3)

Canon EOS 7D Mark II KKG-CEOS7DM2 67.1x46.0 (*) 4961607878484
Canon EOS 6D KKG-CEOS6D 68.6x47.6 (*) 4961607878828
Canon EOS 80D / 70D KKG-CEOS80D 67.2x45.8 (*39.8x20.0) 4961607878385
Canon EOS M6 / PowerShot G9X MarkII / G7X MarkII/G5X KKG-CEOSM6 76.5x51.1 4961607878835
Canon EOS M5 KKG-CEOSM5 78.6x52.7 4961607878392
Nikon D810 KKG-ND810 66.8x50.7 (*) 4961607878842
Nikon D750 KKG-ND750 66.8x50.7
Nikon D500 KKG-ND500 66.8x50.7 (*44.5x22.5) 4961607878415
Nikon D7200 / D7100 KKG-ND7200 66.8x50.7 (*) 4961607878491
Nikon D5600 / D5500 KKG-ND5600 76.2x58.6 4961607878859
Pentax K-1 KKG-PEK1 76.3x58.6 4961607878873
Pentax KP / K-70 / K-S2 KKG-PEKP 63.2x42.1 4961607878538
Sony alpha 7SII / 7RII / 7II KKG-SA7M2 70.5x51.8 4961607878866
Sony CyberShot RX100V / RX100 / II / III / RX1R II / RX1R / RX1 KKG-SCSRX100V 70.5x51.8 4961607878514
Fujifilm X-Pro2 KKG-FXPRO2 64.4x44.3 4961607878521
Fujifilm X-T2 KKG-FXT2 76.8x50.0 4961607878422
Fujifilm X-T20 KKG-FXT20 69.6x44.6 4961607878477
Olympus E-PL8 / E-PL7 / E-M10 / E-M1 KKG-OEPL8 75.7x52.0 4961607878507

* Protective film for upper side panel monitor included.

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