Filter recommendation for shooting starry sky

Jun 3, 2021

Prosofton series

Soft effect filter to make constellations stand out magnificently

This soft filter blurs and emphasizes the light of the stars. Between the many soft filters available, Kenko's "PROSOFTON" is the most popular among the stargazing enthusiasts and is regarded as a standard filter for starscape photography.

With Kenko PRO1D PROSOFTON Clear filter

Without filter With Kenko REALPRO SOFTON-A filter


Light pollution filter to reduce the impact of city lights

In places with lots of light pollution, the sky is so bright that it drowns out the starlight, blurring it with the city lights. Kenko STARRY NIGHT filter allows you to capture the night sky clearly, as nature intended. It can also be used with wide-angle lenses, making it ideal for stargazing and night photography.

Without filter With Kenko STARRY NIGHT filter


Cross filter to make the stars shine brightly

Let bright stars shine with a four or six-beams cross! General cross filters significantly lengthen beams from light sources, creating dense illuminations that lead to a strong and overloaded image, but The Kenko Twinkle Star series results in moderate light beams with an original manufacturing method.

Without filter With Kenko PRO1D R-Twinkle Star 6X (W) filter
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