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Kenko TELEPLUS HD pro 2x DGX


Premium 2x teleconverter to replace long-seller TELEPLUS PRO300 series with redesigned optics to fit high resolution DSLR cameras and lenses.
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Kenko TELEPLUS HD pro 2x DGX is a teleconverter designed to make images more impressive by turning your master lens into a tele lens and showing the object closer on your camera sensor.

By installing it between the lens and the camera body, Kenko TELEPLUS HD pro 2x DGX increases the effective focal length of your lens by 2x.

Made with a high level of precision in Japan and is compatible with a wide range of genuine cameras and lenses, it is particularly helpful for those professional photographers as well as amateurs who may need a tele lens but feel no reason to purchase a new expensive one due to low frequency of use. Its small size and compact design also allows to conveniently carry it at all times in your gear bag instead of numerous heavy lenses.

A most valuable accessory to shift your photos on a new level of creativity and in the most convenient way.

Note: Kenko TELEPLUS HD pro DGX teleconverters are compatible only with proprietary lenses (Nikon and Canon) and Tokina lenses (except for Tokina AT-X 70-200 F4 FX VCM-S and opera 50mm F1.4 FF Nikon mount). Other manufacturers' lenses and camera models, or side-party adapters, are not supported.


Kenko TELEPLUS HD pro 2x DGX teleconverter is a high precision manufactured optical device, meantto be installed between the camera body and the master lens. Its purpose is to multiply the focal length of the lens according to its multiplication factor, essentially shifting your lens into a tele lens, with minimum loss of resolution and sharpness of the image. For example, a 2x teleconverter can turn a 70-200mm lens into a 140-400mm lens.

The Kenko HD pro is a premium series of tele converters specifically designed to be used with high resolution cameras and lenses.

Without teleconverter With Kenko TELEPLUS HD pro 2x DGX teleconverter

Optical features improvements

Optical construction has been redesigned by implementing additional optical elements and by incorporating an improved multi-layer anti-reflection coating to keep the original performance of the new generation cameras and lenses.


Communication with camera

Equipped with all electrical contacts to support communication between the camera and the lens. The focal length and aperture values will be recorded in EXIF data and converted to the actual shooting values with the tele converter installed.


Gorgeous external finish

The external design has been retouched in a black leather tone finish to perfectly match with the latest lenses and cameras.


Compact in size

With approx. 4cm in height, this small, compact and convenient to carry tele converters will extend the focal length of the lens providing the photographer greater opportunities to shoot impressive images.

Kenko TELEPLUS HD pro 2x DGX (height 4cm approx.)

Practical advantages

Kenko TELEPLUS teleconverters can dramatically change your photos by making the object appear larger in the image and yet maintaining its high resolution and quality. This result can be achieved by simply using this lightweight and compact tele converter whenever or wherever you do not have or cannot afford similarly great and powerful super tele lens.



  • Turn off the optical correction functions, Vibration Reduction (VR) or Image Stabilizer (IS) functions, focus aid assistance and AF micro adjustment functions before using Kenko TELEPLUS teleconverter.
  • Proper work and accuracy of AF mode may be achieved when the lens has a resulting aperture* of f/5.6 or faster. If the resulting aperture is greater than f/5.6 then manual focus is strongly recommended.

* resulting aperture = wide open aperture value of the master lens x magnification of the lens converter.

Better to know

Tele converters can provide plenty of advantages; however, like other optical add-on accessories, they tend to:

  • Amend the depth of field.
  • Make your optical system darker as they gently decrease the aperture equivalent value.(e.g. from f/2.8 to f/5.6).
  • Affect the sharpness of the image (mostly large magnification converters).


When not in use, please remove the Kenko TELEPLUS teleconverter from your camera and lens, and store it separately.


Kenko TELEPLUS teleconverters are compatible with a wide range of Nikon and Canon DSLR interchangeable lenses, but there are some exceptions. Compatibility can be easily checked with the checking tool.

General Info
Kenko TELEPLUS HD pro 2x DGX
HD pro
Canon EF, Nikon F
Main Characteristics
Exposure Compensation
2 EV
Exposure Magnification
Supported Sensor Size
APS-C, Full Frame
Construction E/G
7 Elements in 5 Groups
Additional Info
Measurements (WxHxD), mm
Weight, g
Nikon F: 178
Canon EF: 180
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