Twin focus Magnifying Glass (loupe) with LED light 75mm PKC-012

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The magnifying glass (loupe) with LED light for greater brightness.
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A frameless lens with a LED light, designed for a brighter visibility. A lightweight magnifying glass in a stylish two-tone color anti-slip material handle provided with a high magnifying power small bead, for when you want an even clearer vision. For reading newspapers and magazines for a long time with a large 75mm field of vision and low 2x magnification that will not strain your eyes or to read the small characters of a map with the 3.5x small bead.

High magnification power small bead

Provided with a high magnifying power small bead and LED Light!


Provide with the high magnifying power small bead, reading will be even easier.

Also, by using a magnifying glass that combines a LED light and a frameless lens, you can enjoy your readings with no eye strain even in low light conditions.

Anti-slip handle

The black part of the handle makes use of materials that prevent your hand from slipping, and has been devised to offer an easy and comfortable grip.

High brightness

The frameless design and the LED light of this magnifying glass provide a bright and clear field of vision. For long reading sessions. This 2x magnification power magnifying glass will allow you to read newspapers, magazines or maps for a long period of time without straining your eyes. The 75mm diameter will cover a wide field of view making your reading comfortable.

How to choose loupes

Some important points to consider when you choose your loupe or magnifying glass are the size and the magnifying power. As the range of vision gets wider and the magnifying power lower, the burden on your eyes will be lighter, too. For example, if you read a newspaper for a long time, a loupe or magnifying glass with a diameter wider than 75mm and a magnifying power range of 2-3° will be the best solution. On the other side, if you need to read a letter about 2mm small, a loupe or magnifying glass with a 40-60mm diameter and a magnifying power range of 2-5° will be a good choice. In case your target is a small object, we suggest you a loupe or magnifying glass with a high magnifying power. For a short time reading it will not cause any eyestrain, while we suggest you to use a lens with a lower magnifying power and a large diameter if you need to read for a long time.


How loupes work

The way you will see your target object depends on the magnification power and the diameter of the lens.

The extent of what you can see gets wider with a lens in a bigger size. Moreover, the lower the magnification power is, the wider the field of vision gets. This will also grant you a lower risk of eyestrain.


How to use loupes

While using a loupe or magnifying glass, the in-out focus distance differs according to the magnifying power. Please try to find a proper position while regulating the distance by consulting the following scheme.


* The above scheme shows the usage in standard conditions. It may differ depending on your eyesight, especially in case glasses are required.

General Info
Kenko Twin focus Magnifying Glass (loupe) with LED light 75mm PKC-012
Main Characteristics
2x (small bead 3.5x)
Lens Size, mm
Lens Material
Acrylic resin
Additional Info
One AAA alkaline dry-cell battery (not included)
Battery Life
270 hours
Measurements (WxHxD), mm
Weight, g
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