Advanced Filter IRND8 for DJI Osmo Pocket

For smooth motion and optimal exposure.
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Kenko Advanced Filter IRND8 is exclusively designed for DJI Osmo Pocket camera. This IRND8 filter performs a 3-stops light reduction, for smooth motion and optimal exposure. Thanks to Kenko ACCU-ND technology, this filter also features truly neutral color balance and contamination control in IR spectrum range. Antireflection and water-repellent coating is also incorporated.

3-stops light reduction for smooth motion and optimal exposure

Kenko IRND8 filter performs a 3-stops light reduction necessary to get the most ideal exposure value, for a smooth motion effect no matter the light conditions you are shooting with.

In video shooting, it is fundamental to keep the shutter speed fitting the frame rate (fps) setting, that is, to keep it equal to double the frame rate for optimal results. This is because, unlike still photography, an excessively fast shutter speed may create a jarring effect and produce unwanted afterimages on the final video.

As you can see from the image below, unlike still images, a video clip is made of a sequence of still images. With low shutter speed, each still image blurs but will look smooth in the final video sequence. On the contrary, a higher shutter speed captures the subject solid and sharp but, once in a video sequence, all subjects will appear separated, creating jarring and unnatural looking motion.

By using IRND filters, the shutter speed can be adjusted to the proper value to get that natural and smooth looking motion requested in video footages, as shown in the image below.

Magnetic mount system

What makes this IRND8 filter special is its magnetic mount system, which performs instant, safe and steady attaching and detaching operations on DJI Osmo Pocket camera.

Moreover, its just-fit-in size and ultra-lightweight frame is designed to not negatively affect the performance of the camera gimbal in any way.

High quality and ultra-flat optical glass

Kenko Advanced Filter IRND adopts top level high quality optical glass, polished with high precision manufacturing techniques, to meet the same high quality standards required for DSLR camera lenses.

Moreover, the glass achieves superior flatness, to capture high quality images without the slightest loss of resolution.

All the high quality standards of Kenko filters, resulting from a long experience of filters development and manufacturing, are fulfilled in this filter as well, to perfectly match the high quality and performance of DJI products.

All-weather protective case

This filter comes in an all-weather protective case, to carry the filter safely with you even under rain or snow, or in other difficult weather conditions.

Also, the inside of the case is shaped to safely store both the filter and a microSD.

An extra inner pocket allows to conveniently carry an extra microSD.

Easy maintenance

By incorporating a water-repellent coating, water drops or finger prints will hardly stick on this filter, and dust or dirt as well will be easy to wipe off.

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Kenko Advanced Filter IRND8 for DJI Osmo Pocket
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