Spotting with Kenko MILTOL 400mm F6.7 ED lens

Feb 26, 2015 by Joe Ipsilanti

Last summer me and my friend went to the Sheremetyavo airport. It was my first experience in spotting, but despite this the result was excellent.

First of all I wanted to test new Kenko MILTOL 400mm F6.7 ED lens. Also it was interesting to find places for future spotting (because all I had is only some information from forums). Running forward will note that surrounding area is not designed for amateur spotting. Therefore, in one case we used a roof of a small booth, in other - a high hill. This is me. Good looking?

As I told, first we used a roof. It was a strong frontlight which suppress colors when shooting the runway. In addition air glowing made mirages. But sometimes it looked interesting.

Better shots (much more contrast and sharp) was made after the takeoff.

This shot is unique. The thing is "DOBROLET" (GOODNESS JET) airline is no longer exists. It lasted only few month and after that the name was changed on "POBYEDA" (VICTORY).


Then we moved to the opposite side of runway. There we could see landing planes.


But a high fence has blocked the view of landing itself.


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